In Parmer v East Leicester Medical Practice, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has confirmed that judicial proceedings immunity – the legal principle that a witness enjoys absolute immunity from any action brought on the ground that his or her evidence is false, malicious or careless – extends to victimisation (principally race/sex/disability) claims. The claimant was [...]

In Fuller v London Borough of Brent the Court of Appeal has upheld an employment tribunal’s decision that F was unfairly dismissed for gross misconduct. The Employment Appeal Tribunal had focused too narrowly on particular parts of the employment tribunal’s judgment when it decided that that tribunal had substituted its own view of the misconduct [...]

The recent government proposals on dispute resolution are the latest initiative to reduce the Employment Tribunals workload. The consultation document, ‘Resolving workplace disputes’, has three main planks: diverting disputes away from the tribunal system; ensuring that, where parties do have to resort to proceedings, the process is as swift, user-friendly and effective as possible; and [...]

The European Court of Justice has held that insurers cannot take gender into account as a risk factor when setting premiums and payouts in respect of annuities, retirement savings and accident cover. The decision is likely to affect many insured benefits provided by employers such as life assurance and private medical cover. While it may [...]

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