In a recent speech setting out measures intended to promote economic growth, Prime Minister Cameron has indicated that the Conlib Government will consult on the introduction of ‘protected conversations’. The proposal is designed to allow employers to have frank discussions on issues such as performance, which would be inadmissible in tribunal proceedings.
In a recent speech [...]

The Conlib Government confirmed its plans to raise the qualifying service for unfair dismissal from one to two years. Although this news did not exactly come out of the blue – the idea is one of a number of proposals trailed in the ‘Resolving Workplace Disputes’ consultation – the Government’s decision to make a firm [...]

In JGE v English Province of Our Lady of Charity the High Court has held that the Catholic church could be vicariously liable for the actions of a priest, even though the relationship between them was not the same as employment. In so holding, the Court undertakes a detailed consideration of the foundation of vicarious [...]

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