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It is well established that claimants are prevented from arguing that the manner of their dismissal is a breach of the implied term of mutual trust and confidence, as held by the House of Lords in Johnson v Unisys 2001 ICR 480. The House of Lords (Now the Supreme Court) was unwilling to develop the [...]

On 25 June, I referred to the case Gibb. In a sense the case above can be seen as a private sector stable mate of that one. In times of deep suspicion of the bonus culture, this decision of shows that ultimately it is all a matter of contract law and that if necessary a [...]

Employee cannot bring civil claim for losses flowing from dismissal
The High Court holds that a former employee, who succeeded before an employment tribunal with an unfair dismissal claim based on the employer’s handling of the disciplinary procedure, could not rely on the employer’s conduct as giving rise to a free-standing cause of action for breach [...]

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