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In Game Retail Ltd v Laws the EAT has held that an employment judge erred in failing to take full account of the public nature of Twitter when finding that an employee’s dismissal for posting ‘offensive’ tweets was unfair. The judge did not properly consider whether the employee’s purportedly private use of Twitter was truly [...]

Tattoos and Employment Law

September 4th, 2014

Policies which restrict tattoos are common in the UK. The Metropolitan Police bans tattoos on the face, hands and above the collar line, as well as any which could be considered to be “discriminatory, violent or intimidating”. In 2012, the music retailer HMV was criticised for issuing guidelines instructing staff to cover up their [...]

In Hounga v Allen and anor the Supreme Court has held that a domestic worker could claim race discrimination, despite working illegally in the United Kingdom. The connection between the illegality and the statutory tort of discriminatory treatment was insufficiently close to bar her claim. Furthermore, in the view of the majority of the Court, [...]

An employment judge hearing claims of unfair constructive dismissal and sex discrimination made no error of law in admitting recordings of private conversations related to the claimant’s grievance and disciplinary hearings. The judge had properly balanced the general rule that relevant evidence is admissible against the public policy interest in preserving the confidentiality of private [...]

Since the Coalition Government came to power in 2010, it has undertaken an intensive programme of employment law reform as part of its Parliament-long Employment Law Review and the employment-related aspects of its ‘Red Tape Challenge’. While there have already been significant changes, such as the increase in the qualifying period for claiming unfair dismissal [...]

In the case discussed below, the Court of appeal decided that in appropriate cases, it was fair and reasonable for employees who had been given a warning for a disciplinary misdemeanour to be disciplined again later for the same offence and be dismissed.
In Christou and anor v London Borough of Haringey the Court of [...]

In X v Mid Sussex Citizens Advice Bureau the Supreme Court has upheld the Court of Appeal’s decision that an unpaid volunteer was not covered by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as she was not in ‘employment’. Nor did the EU Equal Treatment Framework Directive, which prohibits discrimination in relation to ‘occupation’, cover volunteers. Furthermore, [...]

The Conlib government took forward a number of its employment law reforms towards the end of last year, including the launching of two consultations. The first, ‘Ending the Employment Relationship’, outlines two measures: to increase the use of settlement agreements and to reduce the cap on unfair dismissal compensatory awards. Both initiatives are justified on [...]

The Conlibs have decided to publish venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft’s leaked report on employment law. The report, commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills rather than the Prime Minister as had been reported, was completed in October 2011 and has been subject to a great deal of ridicule amongst commentators not least the [...]

A number of employment law reforms come into force in April 2012. The most important of the Government’s employment law reforms, the increase in the unfair dismissal qualifying period, takes effect on 6 April.
. Changes taking place on 6 April include:
• the Unfair Dismissal and Statement of Reasons for Dismissal (Variation of Qualifying Period) Order 2012 [...]

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